Lately I feel like the lady on the Oscar Mayer commercials who is constantly saying NO to her family.  Eventually she’s presented with a pack of nitrate-free lunch meat and is relieved to finally say YES to something.  Will somebody please pass the deli ham?

Junior was awake for approximately 30 minutes today before we packed up and headed to daycare.  In that brief half hour I said NO to the following.  And this is just a sample…

“I want to wear my jammies to school.”

“I want M&Ms for breakfast.”

“I want to take my rocks to school.”

“I want to stay home.”

“I want to have these scissors.”

“I want to watch 2 cartoons.”

“I want to hear Elmo songs.”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  I could have probably budged on the Elmo songs in the car, but I was on a roll.

Yesterday, roles were reversed and he said “no” to ME a hundred times.  When I told him not to put an extension cord in his mouth.  When I told him not to sit on the dog’s head.  When I told him not to throw everything off of the deck.  When I told him not to dump out the entire container of bubbles.  My sweet, cuddly, gentle, kind boy has begun to show his obstinate side and I’m not a fan.  Especially when his NOs are coupled with an angry scowl and a swatting hand.  Really?  Take a swing at your mom because she doesn’t want you to hang out where a bunch of mosquitoes are?  Sheesh.

The best part is, he knows he’s acting like a pint sized poop.  He’ll be defiant, sometimes throw a tantrum, and then toss in a little sugar so he can say, “I’m a good boy mommy.”  They are so much smarter than we give them credit for.  At his last checkup our pediatrician said she can tell he’s a bright kid based on the way he was responding to her.  She also said the bright ones often give their parents a run for their money when they’re around 3 years old.  And you know what?  I see it happening.  He negotiates like a champ and exhibits an uncanny amount of logic.  My husband worries he’ll be like me – book smart, argumentative, and hopelessly klutzy.  If his attitude and the knot on his forehead are any indication, I think that may be his path in life.


One thought on “NO

  1. I sympathise, I really do! It is not an easy phase and whilst I am really enjoying the time I am spending with my daughter and seeing her learn and grow into a little person, I am definitely not a fan of the amount of times NO or NON is said in our household, either my myself or her. Quite re-assuring what your pediatrician says though, it will definitely help me get through this difficult phase 🙂 Hang on in there x

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