I invented a new phrase not too long ago after I visited a friend to meet her new baby:  baby amnesia.  Truth be told I’m hardly that far removed from the infant stage — our son is only 2 ½ — but it’s amazing how quickly I forgot what a teeny tiny little baby felt and sounded like.  It happens every time I find myself around someone’s new bundle of joy.  How do I hold it?  Why does it feel like its head is going to fall off?  Was Junior’s cry really that high pitched when he was born?  Why can’t I remember anything from his early days?  Baby amnesia.

In the last several days I’ve adopted yet another new term:  puppy amnesia.  Yes, roughly a month after losing our beloved golden retriever we stumbled upon a beautiful red one who had just been surrendered to our local humane society.  What an unexpected discovery right outside of Trader Joe’s (aka my wine haven) last weekend.  I elbowed my way through the small group of people who were trying to get to know her and decided she needed to be ours.  So I plopped Junior down on a chair and fed him donut holes while I filled out the application.  Several days later I came home from an evening work function and, for the first time in 5 weeks, was greeted at the door by a dog.  annie

And this is where my puppy amnesia set in…  Was our old fella this rambunctious when he was seven months old?  Did he like to dig up the back yard?  Did he insist on twisting himself up in the leash EVERY time it was clipped onto his collar?  Did he grab every paper product in his path and ingest it in 2.3 seconds?  To some of those questions I can answer “yes” and to others I can definitely say “no.”  Our first golden was a rare one; yes he was goofy and rambunctious and never learned how NOT to jump when he greeted people.  But he never had any interest in eating stuff.  This new dog has an affinity for napkins.   I guess that’s a heck of a lot better than furniture though…

So off to obedience school we’ll go.  She’s a beautiful pup and we can tell she’s got it in her to be a wonderful dog.  She just never had the discipline early on, sort of like a young child who never had any real boundaries and acts up as a result of it.  Well call me Mrs. Boundaries from this point on, because they’re being set.  Junior can’t spend the next 6 months being the dog’s unwilling tackling dummy.

Are we crazy?  Lately I think the answer is YES.  But what fun is life without a little bit of crazy mixed in?  And a little slobber, shredded napkin debris, a newly tormented cat, and a yard full of poop…


One thought on “Amnesia

  1. I have a beautiful golden retriever named Jimi. He’s now six. When he was a pup he destroyed my kitchen, literally ate the wall down to the studs. By the time he was three he mellowed out, and now he’s the best friend you could ever ask for.

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