Tales from the Potty

First, let me explain my little hiatus from the blogging world…  Without going into too much detail, I unexpectedly lost two members of my immediate family (my beloved dad and my beloved dog) in a very short period of time.  So needless to say, life has been quite sad and hectic in 2013.  We are praying for comfort, and praying that we can learn to accept – and one day – enjoy life without two special members of our family.  There are good days and bad, but we are all pushing forward.

One thing that was high on my priority list for the New Year was potty training.  Santa dropped off an exquisite Elmo elmo pottypotty for Junior, brightly colored with a realistic sounding flusher.  What more could a 2-year old ask for?  Diapers.  That’s what he asked for.

For obvious reasons potty training took a backseat once our lives were turned upside down so suddenly.  I didn’t have the time, the energy, or the patience to fight over where his pee pee landed.  But now, the change of the season demands a change in bathroom habits.  So I told his daycare teacher to do what they do when it comes to potty training, and I dusted off the Elmo commode at home.

I’ve heard from a number of people that boys are slower to use the potty than girls.  So I expected a little push back from him.  What I wasn’t expecting was kicking, screaming, crying, and what appeared to be plain old fear of the potty.  He seems to do better at daycare because he sees his other little buddies doing it.  In fact, the other day he raced over to me when I arrived to pick him up and squealed “I pee peed in the potty Mommy!!”  I was so pumped and thought we’d turned a corner.  That night he agreed to sit on his potty at home (without his pants on this time) and I thought to myself, “wow, that wasn’t so hard.”  Idiot…  If I’m lucky he sits on the potty once a day at home and not one dribble has landed in the yellow plastic bowl.  He likes to pour water in it.  He likes to stand on it.  He likes to encourage ME to go pee pee on the potty.  But him?  Nada.  Even now at school they say he’ll sit on it for a few seconds but rarely opens the floodgates.

He’s only 2 ½ so there’s hardly a reason for concern.  But it surprises me a little that my son, who prides himself on being a “big boy”, is so adamant that he’s going to wear diapers forever.  I’ve bribed him with candy and treats (don’t judge) and I’ve told him how he’s the only one of his big boy friends who still uses a diaper (don’t judge).  Many people have suggested that when it gets warmer, I should just let him run around naked or in regular undies so he doesn’t have the comfort of a diaper.  He’ll learn that he doesn’t want to go on himself, so he’ll use the potty.  I’ll give it a whirl and see how it goes.  In the meantime I’m hoping he’ll just wake up one day, grab a good book, and ask me for some privacy so he can take care of business…

I’m open to other wee wee words of wisdom so please share!


4 thoughts on “Tales from the Potty

  1. Karendemy says:

    First off, boys are a whole different beast than girls. Both of our boys were about 2 years and 9 months when they were potty trained. We waited until we thought they could handle it, then bought the last box of diapers. We made a huge deal about it being the last box, and we could not get any more. When the diapers were gone, we put them in underwear and off we went. We actually have half a box from Nicholas because halfway through he got it. I recommend going straight to underwear, because face it, kids know that pull ups are just fancy diapers. Gerber makes training underwear that are thicker and take a little longer to soak through. We also had a party, really just our family, but with cake and ice cream and presents, which were a new pack of underwear from each person. Good luck, he’ll get it, boys just have a lot of passion!

    I feel the same as you with the loss of a parent. Good days and bad and just pushing forward, sometimes only in autopilot. Hang in there kid.

  2. Alpine Boy was nearly three – he wasn’t interested at all before then. The best piece of advice I got was that they will do it when they’re ready. That date will be the same whether or not you spend painful weeks/months trying to convince him he is ready. So if he’s not ready, save yourself the stress and wait a bit longer! (Of course if you’re still changing his nappies at 18 then you might want to change approach… 😉 )

    So sorry for your loss. I hope your pain eases and your memories brighten.

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