Mr. Independent

I was dreading this morning.  There were the obvious reasons, like going back to the office after a week of not being there, having to wake up to the sound of a blaring alarm, the realization that the holidays are in fact over, and there’s nothing exciting happening in the near future.  But even more dreadful was the thought of getting Junior up, dressed, fed, and out the door when he’s been living a life of leisure for the last 10 days…

Grandparents have been in town.  Friends have been over.  We’ve visited people.  Children’s museum.  Errands.  Going to bed late and sleeping in.  Hit or miss naps.  A fraction of the schedule we’re normally accustomed to.  And in addition to our loosey goosey way of life, Junior is knee-deep in the “I’ll do it myself” phase, meaning he doesn’t want me to help him with ANYTHING.  And as you can imagine, it means that every task takes a hundred times longer to accomplish.

So I drug myself out of bed after only one snooze this morning, determined to build in some cushion for (1) Junior’s slow, deliberate sock fitting or (2) Junior’s tantrum when I finally take the socks away from him and put them on his feet myself.  If not a sock episode, he would surely stomp his feet and wail once he learned that I fed the pets before he woke up.

I love, love, love that he’s becoming more independent.  I swear he’s matured beyond belief in the last few months.  We have real conversations with each other and he’s finally outgrowing his size 18-24 month pants (yes, my little pipsqueak turned 2 back in September).  I don’t want to discourage him from doing things on his own, but sometimes it’s just not convenient.  Usually, after countless unsuccessful attempts, he’ll recognize that he needs my help and ask for it.  I’m more than happy to wait it out if we’re not in a hurry.  But if I jump in and help without his permission, look out…

So how did this morning go?  Smooth as silk.  I think he was ready to get back to school and see his friends.  I distracted him with chatter about his teachers and the playground, and before he knew it he was up, dressed, and headed downstairs for pancakes.  He put on his coat and hat without any fussing, and sang along to his kiddie tunes in the car.  I couldn’t believe it.  And I don’t for one second think it will be that easy tomorrow morning, or this evening for that matter.  He’ll want to play trains instead of eating dinner, or he’ll want to do something ridiculous like put on his own diaper or change the crib sheet by himself.

Mr. Independent will strike again.  It will test my patience.  But there’s nothing more fun than when he does something for the first time and squeals “I did it Mommy!  All by myself!”  I love it, I truly do.  But I think it’s best if he doesn’t hone in on new milestones between 6:30 and 7:30 AM, Monday through Friday.  Now if only the “I’LL DO IT” mentality would kick in when it comes to potty training…

Happy New Year!


One thought on “Mr. Independent

  1. haha, I bet you’ll be wishing back to the time he wanted to do everything himself – when he’s a teenager and won’t help with the dishes/clean his room/wash his own clothes…! 😉

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