The Other Woman

Fathers and daughters…  People instantly picture dad waiting by the front door with his shotgun when the first boy comes over to take his little princess on a date.  You hear about how emotional it is for him to give his little girl away on her wedding day; he’s been the most important man in her life up to that point.  But what about mothers and sons?  I feel like that relationship doesn’t conjure up the same stereotypical images.  I guess because boys are perceived differently than girls – tougher, more independent – that the mother-son relationship is also perceived differently.

I’ve joked many times that no woman will ever be good enough for my baby boy.  But sometimes I wonder if, when the time comes, I’ll really feel that way.  I hate to think that I won’t be accepting of the people he chooses to date as he grows up, and of the person he chooses to (gulp) marry one day…  But he is MY baby, and it will be hard.  So I wonder…  Does my mother-in-law think I’m good enough for HER baby boy?   I think she does, but if for some reason I’m wrong I hope she never comes out and tells me…

My husband thinks it’s so funny to talk about all of Junior’s “girlfriends” at daycare.  Most of his classmates are little girls, but he really does like a couple of them more than the others.  One of them, in fact, has taken it upon herself to unzip Junior’s jacket and help him out of it each morning when he gets to school.  Hubs thinks it’s hilarious; I’m a tad protective.   None of those little tarts are right for him.

My little boy is the most important man in my life.  But one day I’ll no longer be the most important woman in his.  I will be replaced by a tart.  I hope I like her.  She’d better make him pancakes every weekend, and let him stir the batter.  She’d better learn the art of making a good loud yogurt.  She’d better not put icing on his birthday cake.  I’m sure she’ll be fine; I’ll see to it.  I’ll start making a list for her…


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