Take Advantage of Your Resources!

It’s no secret that a mom’s best resource is other moms.  I am so fortunate to have close knit group of girlfriends who have coached each other through just about everything.  I had my first baby later than some of the others, so I was fully prepared for everything – and I mean everything – that would come my way during pregnancy, delivery, and post-birth.  Some people aren’t comfortable sharing or hearing that level of detail, but I’m so glad I was…  I had few, if any, WTF moments as a result.

I now understand why most of our conversations at girls’ dinners end up focusing on the kids.  As much as we try to take a break from it, even for just a couple hours over drinks, we always seem to be pulled back.  But that’s how we learn from each other.  It’s how we talk through crises, plan for the next stages, and breathe a sigh of relief when we realize we’re not nuts for doing or thinking something off the wall.  We help each other and most importantly, we keep each other sane.

As I was pulling dinner together tonight I was reminded once again how great a tight network of moms can be.  Why?  Because sometimes my meals depend on it.  About nine months ago one of my friends got the idea to start a Facebook page on which members could share recipes, ask questions, and offer tips and tricks for making mealtime a little easier for their families.  It’s a private group so only those invited by other members can participate.  It started with 10 or 15 ladies and has now expanded to over 70.  My dinner tonight was inspired by one of the group’s members, a person I’ve never even met!

There are tons and tons of fantastic food and lifestyle blogs out there.  You can find recipes and how-to’s any time you want with just a few keystrokes.  But sometimes I think the endless supply of information can be a little overwhelming; every now and then it’s nice for an unsolicited idea to show up in my news feed, rather than me seeking it out.  That’s why I like this Facebook group.  It’s made up entirely of moms who have a connection to at least one other person in the group.  It’s working moms, stay at home moms, single moms, you name it.  Now I’ll admit that I spend a lot of time trolling through food blogs each week and loving every second of it, but our little Facebook group has a more personal feel.  The volume of information is nothing like that of other recipe sites, but that’s OK.  It makes it more manageable, and since it doesn’t happen every day, it’s always fun to log on and see that someone has shared something new.

My greatest resources are my friends, and in some cases, friends of friends who I don’t know personally.  I consider myself very lucky.  Whether it’s a TMI conversation over a glass of wine, or simply posting a recipe or tip on our Facebook page, I am happy to pay it forward.  Do you have a creative way to share things with other moms you know?


A totally unrelated PS…  Check out the new artwork on my sidebar.  I submit my thoughts to BlogHer (www.blogher.com) once in a while and one of my posts was picked up as a feature blog a few weeks ago.  As a result I was given some fancy BlogHer bling to show off!  The other graphic is the logo for a cool company that helps people raise money for causes they are passionate about.  I like what they do and like their logo, so I figured I’d amp up the flair on my sidebar even more.  Enjoy!


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