Loud Yogurt

Not too long ago I bought a bag of frozen strawberries for no good reason.  I guess they looked lonely sitting in the freezer section at Trader Joe’s, so I picked them up and introduced them to the other unnecessary items in my cart like almonds covered in dark chocolate, sea salt, and turbinado sugar.  Oh my God were those things good…  The chocolate covered almonds, not the strawberries.

Anyway, after seeing the random bag of strawberries in my freezer for 2 weeks I decided it was time to buy a cheap blender and start making smoothies.  So I purchased a high quality $14.99 model from Wal-Mart and made a couple of pretty tasty strawberry-banana smoothies for breakfast.

Last Saturday morning I made one, giving Junior the preemptive “get ready for the loud noise” warning before I started blending.  I sat down with him as he was eating his pancakes (shocker) and I asked if he wanted a sip of the smoothie.  Naturally I got the “are you nuts?!” stare and a quite rude “NO” in response.  So I tried another tactic and told him it was just yogurt, something he eats regularly and is comfortable with.  He gave me a sideways glance and said “yogurt?”  And I said “yes, yogurt.  It’s just from the loud machine.”  Him:  “Loud yogurt?”  Me:  “OK sure, loud yogurt.  Want some?”  He seemed somewhat interested, but still skeptical, so I dipped one of his spoons in my glass and let him take a taste when he was ready.  He eventually did and we shared the rest of my drink.  Then he wanted one of his own.  Loud yogurt immediately became a new weapon in my arsenal of toddler feeding tactics.

I decided to set the stage and talk about all the fun colors you can make with loud yogurt.  Ours was pink because of the strawberries.  I asked him what color loud yogurt he wanted next and he said BLUE, so I made a mental note to get some frozen blueberries.  On the way home the other day I asked him, just for kicks, if he wanted some loud yogurt with his dinner and surprisingly he said OK.  But he wanted BLUE loud yogurt and I hadn’t bought any blueberries yet.  So I asked him if he wanted GREEN loud yogurt, knowing I had baby spinach in the fridge, and he was OK with it.  So that night Junior had a plate of rotisserie chicken and a loud yogurt with spinach and banana in it.  And I think a random piece of peanut butter bread.  I’ll take that all day long.  I tasted the smoothie before I gave it to him and you couldn’t detect even a hint of spinach aside from the pretty green color.  And just in case he decided to get weird about how it looked, I put the smoothie in a cup covered in dinosaurs so he couldn’t see through it.

So there you have it.  Loud yogurt is my fruit and vegetable vessel of choice, at least for the time being.  Could it be the new fwoot?  Or the new Baby Cakes?  I guess we’ll see…  I would love to hear some of your favorite combos, especially if they involve sneaking vegetables in!


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