Pink or Blue?

A close friend of mine is pregnant with baby #2, and she decided she wanted to spice up the moment she and her husband learned the sex of their new bundle.   So what happened next?  Her best friend and her sister-in-law consulted an expert:  Pinterest.   So far I’ve been able to resist the forces of pinning, but after experiencing my first “gender reveal” party a la Pinterest, I may soon be a goner.  Brilliant.  And I know there are a zillion more brilliant ideas hiding on that website…  Must.  Stay.  Strong.

The day my friend and her husband went in for the big ultrasound, she told the technician to write down the gender and seal it in the envelope they brought with them.  That envelope was then passed on to her friend, who in turn got it to a custom cupcake baker.  Why a cupcake baker?  She was to be the second soul on earth to learn the sex of the baby in advance, so she could pipe pink or blue filling into 2 dozen homemade cupcakes.   Are the pieces of the puzzle coming together now?

This afternoon a big group of family and friends got together to learn, all at once, the sex of our friend’s baby.  I was honored to provide one of the treats served at this precious gathering, which was themed a bright, fun, gender-neutral, orange and white.

The all-knowing cupcakes were the centerpiece and were labeled “hands off” until we were sure everyone had arrived, filled their bellies, and built up even more anticipation.  The mom-to-be played a quick trivia game which was supposed to predict the sex; a perfect prelude to the actual moment of truth.  So after the game ended and a baby girl was favored 7 points to 2, we all gathered around the table (husbands and kids too), grabbed a cupcake, and on the count of 3 dove in to learn whether we’d be blessed with a baby boy or a baby girl.

What a fun, creative, and exciting way to not only share wonderful news with your friends and family, but also to learn the news for yourself.  I don’t know how she kept herself together for the 4 days between the ultrasound and the party.  I’m sure I would have worn a hole in the carpet pacing, or broken into the cupcake lady’s kitchen trying to find the envelope.

I bet Pinterest has made events like these pretty commonplace, but it was a first for us.  I wonder if it will be the last?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, to my good friend who will expand her beautiful family this winter I offer love and congratulations.  I am so excited for the three of you.

Oh, did I forget one small detail?  It’s a boy…  🙂


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