Sick Day

This week was a bummer for the shortest member of our family.  He was ambushed by a runny nose, cough, and nagging fever, which resulted in a double ear infection.  But after 3 doses of antibiotic we are on the mend and will hopefully have an enjoyable weekend.  This is only his second ear infection ever, so I guess I can’t complain.

I came to an interesting conclusion today.  Baby acetaminophen (Tylenol stuff) is to a toddler like 2 Red Bulls are to a sleep deprived pre-teen.  I had one jacked up child.  I think when a feverish, tired, droopy kid takes a shot of the pink stuff, all of the energy he’d previously lost is magically restored.  Times 20.  It’s fun to have my peppy, talkative boy back, but the underlying moodiness from two ear infections still shines through at times.  Examples:

Fun:  Newly energized child does a couple of laps around the downstairs and decides to push a bar stool out of the kitchen, down the hall, take a left at the foyer, and park in the dining room.  The stool is still sitting there.  And no, it is not on wheels.  .5 mL of pink medicine brings out the hulk.  It was funny to watch.

Moody:  Me:  “You want to get in the stroller and go for a walk?”  Him:  “Oh-tay!!”  Me:  “Alright, let’s get some shoes and socks on.”  Him:  “Oh-tay!”  We go to his room and I grab a pair of socks from his top drawer.  Him:  “No!!!” as he points at the socks I chose.  Me:  “OK, how about these?” after I pick up a different pair.  Him:  “No!!!!”  Me:  “OK, how about these?”  Him:  “No!!!”  Me:  “OK, how about these?”  Him:  “No!!!”  Get my drift?  I pointed at every pair of socks in his drawer and finally pinned him down and put some on.  Curious about the shoes?  He hollered for his purple shoes.  He doesn’t own purple shoes.

Fun:  I built him a fort using 2 bed sheets, the elliptical machine, the couch, and an ironing board.  It was magnificent to him; I imagine the only thing that could have been more exciting is having Goofy upstairs doing the Hot Dog Dance right in front of him.  He was in and out of it for an hour.  We read a couple of books in there, he brought in a few of his stuffed animal pals, and decorated his space with an empty cardboard box.  Mommy Banter tip:  always keep a few old sheets for impromptu fort construction.  That way you don’t have to use your good sheets from the linen closet…

Moody:  Me: “Hey buddy, I know you ate 11 pounds of Goldfish crackers on our walk, but will you eat a bite of peanut butter sandwich?”  Him:  “No.  Oh-tay…  Juice?”  Me:  “Deal.”  I hand the child 2 squares of peanut butter sandwich.  He doesn’t want it but won’t let me take it from him.  Him:  “All done Mommy!”  Me:  “OK I’ll take it.”  Him:  “NOOO!”  Me:  “OK, hold on to it then.”  Him:  “All DONE Mommy!” and he feeds a square to the dog.  Dog is so happy.  Him:  “AAAAAHHHHH go ‘WAY Moe!!”  (dog’s name)  Shrieking and crying ensues.  Dog gets clocked in the face and runs for cover, still thrilled from the peanut butter treat but sort of fearing for his life.  You’ll recall that he GAVE the sandwich to the dog.  Apparently the transaction wasn’t up to his standards.

So in between rounds of pink meds, fits of laughter, fits of unexplained rage, an abbreviated nap, a much deserved time-out, and various other shenanigans, I still managed to get some work done.  I think it takes a lot of talent to get through a conference call while your toddler is digging his fingernails into your forehead and laughing hysterically.  Is it Monday yet?


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