Squash Pockets

Small victory at dinner hour tonight, and once again I owe it all to the Baby Cakes machine.   I will be the first to admit that I’m a geek for this contraption.  No appliance other than my Kitchen Aid mixer has resulted in more culinary joy.

One of my new favorite things in the produce aisle is pre-cubed butternut squash.  It’s packaged fresh but I stick the bag in the freezer so the cubes last forever.  It cooks up in a flash, fresh or frozen.  Since my child hasn’t eaten a vegetable in ages, aside from the few flecks of spinach I snuck into some scrambled eggs the other day, I decided to pull some squash from the freezer and go for a Hail Mary.  What are the chances he’d eat some if I wrapped it in a carb, crisped it up in the Baby Cakes machine, and called it a cheese pocket?  My intuition said “fat chance.”  But I boiled a few cubes, stuck them in my trusty mini chopper with some baby spinach (go big or go home right?), a little sour cream, and a few random dashes of stuff from the spice cabinet.   My carb of choice was a whole wheat tortilla; I was living in a fantasy land.  As his chicken nuggets cooked I complained to myself that I was wasting time and needlessly dirtying appliances when all he really wanted were nuggets and a fwoot pouch.

Well the moment of truth came and I’ll be damned, he went straight for the Baby Cakes and didn’t touch his nuggets until the little squash pockets were done.  Granted I lied and told him they were cheese, but if he honestly didn’t like them he wouldn’t have eaten them, cheese or no cheese.  As he shoved them into his little mouth I sipped my glass of wine with a satisfied smile.  If the Baby Cakes machine was a living creature I would have given it a cookie or scratched it behind the ears like a dog.  But alas the little red machine that was sent from above will merely get wiped down and put back on its dark, lonely kitchen shelf until the next vegetable experiment.  The life of a Baby Cakes machine is a thankless one…


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