Mommy Gripes

Things have been rather status quo here since the tot returned from his vacation last week.  It’s rare that there’s nothing interesting to discuss, so I think I’ll use this opportunity to point out a few things that bug me; ironically all of them pertain to parking lots.

First, I dislike the lack of respect for the “Pregnant or Mother With Child” parking spaces that are so generously offered at a lot of places now.  These spaces are an oasis when you’re lugging a nine-months-pregnant belly or an infant carrier in the middle of the summer, in a rain storm, or in the freezing cold.  Today I saw a car full of adults and teenagers pull into one of those coveted spots.  Out came 4 individuals, none of whom appeared to be pregnant or carrying a baby.  It’s 104 degrees today and chances are someone who fit the criteria could have used that spot.   I didn’t even feel right parking in them until I was visibly pregnant, and now that I have an able-bodied toddler who prefers to walk I’ve stopped taking advantage of them.   Hopefully good karma will come my way when and if we have a second child.

Second, I hate it when I see a car parked in a handicap accessible space without the appropriate sticker, rear view mirror tag, or visible equipment such as a wheelchair lift.  Growing up with a wheelchair-bound brother made me very sensitive to this.  Being lazy doesn’t give you the right to park there.

Finally, it bugs me when grocery stores don’t have cart bays in their parking lots because it is their policy to walk your groceries out to the car for you.  When I go through the self-checkout with my son in the basket and buy more than two bags worth of stuff, I have to take the cart out to the car.  So herein lies the issue…  Since there’s nowhere to leave the cart in the parking lot I have to take it back up to the store entrance or be the jerk that just leaves it in an empty parking space.  I try not to be a jerk.  So I either have to take him up to the store in the cart so he can then walk back with me, or I can strap him into his seat and sprint the cart back hoping in that time nobody calls social services for an abandoned baby left in a vehicle.  I typically opt for the former, which on a nice day is no big deal, but in the pouring rain is a nuisance.  Now I know a lot of you will roll your eyes and think, “this lady needs to get some REAL problems.”  But it’s really just a small gripe of mine and nothing I’d rank as important as world hunger or our country’s deficit.  And fortunately for me, a few weeks ago the store without cart bays actually constructed some so it’s a non-issue now.  But since it bothered me for the last 21 months I decided it was worth mentioning.

I wonder if these things bug anyone else, or perhaps I’m in a class all by myself…


5 thoughts on “Mommy Gripes

  1. I agree too! And in high school a friend and I used to leave handwritten “tickets” on people’s windshields when they parked in handicapped spaces without the appropriate sticker or tag. ; )

  2. I must confess that my proofreading skills were less than stellar today. “Review mirror” has now been corrected to read “rear view mirror”…. No clue how that slipped by me. Wish I could blame it on auto-correct.

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