Well here we are, halfway through our child-free week.  I should tell you about all of the fun and exciting things we’ve been doing sans toddler.  The evenings out, the cocktails, the fancy meals eaten al fresco on our deck while birds happily chirp overhead.  Or I can tell you the truth.

Monday a storm knocked out our power; it didn’t come back on until midnight.  And now I have a cold.  Not just a sniffle, but a full-blown sore throat, coughing, constantly runny nose cold.  My husband had it this past weekend and now he’s getting better while I’m getting worse.  From whom did this malady originate?  You guessed it, our cute kid who was snotty all LAST week but recovered just in time to enjoy all sorts of fun adventures with his grands THIS week.

I knew by Thursday that I was doomed.  He’d been coughing and dripping and there’s no way a mom can avoid getting those kooties.  How can you NOT love on your baby when he’s feeling bad?  You just do it and know that you’ll suffer the consequences 5 days later.  But usually “5 days later” doesn’t interfere with a scheduled week of toddler freedom.  We cancelled one set of plans for tonight but are hoping to get our butts (and noses) in gear for an outing Friday night.  I’ve been eating cherry Cold-eez candies like nobody’s business; do your thing zinc, do your thing.

But it could be worse.  After work tonight I hit Trader Joe’s and stocked up on some necessities, then got home and hit the couch.  It was nice to prop my feet up and watch the news without having to think about what dinner-time magic tricks I have to perform for junior.  I guess relaxing when you feel like crap is better than not relaxing at all.  Oh how I miss that little bucket-o-germs though…  It’s way too tidy in our family room this week.



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