As of 5 PM yesterday I am babyless.

He is with his grandparents for the entire week.  That means a whole week for us without poopy diapers, sippie cups, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse blaring on the TV, or incessant requests for graham crackers and fwoot.  And I couldn’t be sadder about it.  Really, my chin quivered intermittently the whole ride home yesterday.  But my husband made me feel a little better when he assured me that he didn’t polish off my Whole Foods banana pudding gelato while I was gone.  It’s the little things…

In a day or two I’ll enjoy the peace and quiet and start to relax a little.  Tonight, however, I will clean and do laundry like a crazy woman to keep myself busy during the time I’m usually fixing his dinner, giving him a bath, and reading Bambi for the zillionth time.  Maybe I’ll go into his room and say goodnight to each of the characters on his Winnie the Pooh picture like we always do right before bed.   Just tonight…

On the way home from his grandparents’ house I had several hours to think about how quickly the time is passing and how much he has changed.  Just a short 11 months ago we were at the beach for a week.  He was still stationary; on the cusp of crawling, with walking not coming for another 4 months.  He was still quenching his thirst with formula and eating out of a jar; Cheerios were hardly a necessity back then.  Fast forward to present day and his bright blonde curls are tucked under a baseball hat as he flings wet sand and calls out the colors of all his buckets and shovels.  He runs through little ocean puddles and holds an apple juice box with gritty, sandy hands.  Before I know it he’ll be my “little boy” and not my “baby”.  Boo.

But I don’t expect too many changes in a week’s time thank goodness.  He’ll come home the same happy, energetic child that I left behind.  In the meantime I’ll force myself to take advantage of the free time and maybe eat dinner before 8:30 PM.  I’ll sleep a little bit later since a daycare stop won’t be on the schedule.  My husband and I may go out for dinner.  Although I miss him terribly, I rest easy knowing that he is in loving, capable hands.  Their proposed agenda includes beach, pool, playground, fishing, zoo, bike rides, visiting grampa at work, and watering the flowers (his favorite).  Meals, naps, and Elmo will fill in the gaps.  I think he’ll do just fine.

So this week will I ever bust out the champagne and yell “hallelujah, I’m free!!”?  Nah, because when he’s gone a little chunk of me is gone too and it’s no fun celebrating that.  I bet that will change when we have 2 kids though…


2 thoughts on “Babyless

  1. Sara says:

    Slow Claps K, Slow Claps 🙂 And for me, it didn’t change with 2. I hate to leave them because it is like a part of me is missing. The crazy drama that goes along with them, has become a part of me and as frustrating as some parts of it are sometimes, I’m not “me” without them and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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