Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

First things first, happy Father’s Day to all of you out there!  The daddy in our house is still upstairs snoozing while we patiently wait to take him to breakfast.  It may end up being lunch…

Last night we took our tot to his first baseball game.  It’s a rite of passage for sure, and what better time to do it than Father’s Day weekend?  We felt certain we’d have to take off by the 5th inning or so; do kids his age really last for 9 innings, especially if they run well past bedtime?  Apparently they can with a little help from salty snacks, a bobble head (which eventually lost its head), and a couple of expendable books.

Junior was mesmerized by the stadium and all of the activity.  We walked around for a bit listening to music and doing a little people watching before we settled into our seats.  It took about 3.5 seconds for him to express his disdain at sitting still, so fortunately there was a row of empty seats behind our group’s so we spread out and took advantage of the wiggle room.  One hot dog (hold the dog), a bag of Goldfish, and a sloppy bottle of water later, Junior was in full silly mode when the cotton candy guy made his rounds.

I knew without a doubt that he wouldn’t eat it, but everyone we were with insisted that every kid likes cotton candy.  Not mine, so we bought some to prove my point.  It turns out that he DOES love cotton candy; he loves ripping off huge quantities and repeatedly shoving it down his daddy’s throat.  Daddy managed to sneak a small piece into Junior’s mouth, and after a second of utter confusion his face contorted, he dry heaved, and dribbled the melted blue sugar onto his chin.  Mama knows best…  If it’s not khaki it has no place on his dessert menu.

Things got a little squirrely (my local readers will pick up on that pun) around the 7th inning stretch, but a bag of chips helped us get through it.  I thought to myself, “Oh God this child is going to vomit tonight if he eats that whole bag of chips.”  But they proved to be a fantastic (albeit greasy) toy, not another snack.  For nearly an hour he pulled each chip out of the bag, formed a pile, crushed the pile, swept the pile to the ground, then bent down and put the crumbs back on the bench.  Commence crushing, sweeping, and re-piling until the bottom of the 9th.  He was the happiest, saltiest, crumbiest mess, but that’s what soap is for right?


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