Road Trip Review

You’ll recall that we were beyond prepared for our road trip:  a nap-time departure, a full belly, pacifier in mouth, blankie in hand, books within reach, Elmo loaded into the DVD player, fwoot and other snacks on deck.  It couldn’t have gone any smoother; until we realized that we didn’t prepare for one small thing…  The driver (me) missing a critical turn during the shortcut and extending the trip by 1.5 hours.  Yep, we’ve made the trip a billion times and benefitted from the shortcut almost as often, but of course that requires you to pay attention and actually make the turns correctly.  So we’re plugging along and I’m noticing that I haven’t seen any of the familiar landmarks, namely the raggedy gentleman’s club called “Teasers” that always makes me laugh.  And then it all made sense when I saw the sign that said “Welcome to Greenville, home of East Carolina University.”  Nope, that definitely wasn’t right.  Thank goodness for our modern day phones and their built-in GPS units.  How else would we have navigated the back roads and small towns to get back on track?  And to top it off, the only whining and fussing came from yours truly, not the passenger in the back seat.  Needless to say I didn’t drive home.

Quick follow-up to an earlier post when I shared my Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraising link (  I can’t give enough thanks to those of you who have donated during the past couple of weeks.  I’ve raised about 25% of my bail money so far and have 8 days to go.  I’d love to see my total go up between now and June 7th, when I’m taken to jail!  If you’re clueless about what I’m talking about, please refer to my previous post or visit my fundraising site.  If nothing else, it’s an opportunity for me to bring awareness to a great organization that is near and dear to my family.


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