Mom’s Night Out

2 posts in one day?  Unheard of…  But this is more of a tid-bit than an actual post, and I probably won’t post again until after our road trip (refer to today’s earlier post).  This past weekend I was fortunate to have a night out with some friends.  Hubs is perfectly capable of handling junior, and he even had some assistance from friends who were visiting from out of town.  I don’t expect the normal routine to stay intact when I’m not there, but as long as he’s clean, fed, and gets some sleep I’m OK with it.  Take a close look at the picture to the right.  That’s our golden retriever (recently shaved for the summer) sprinkled with mac ‘n cheese.  How does that happen?  I got some sort of weird explanation but I still don’t have a clue.  While hubs and friends were undoubtedly digging in the fridge for a fresh libation, the little guy was dropping individual pieces of pasta on our pet.  The saddest part is, the poor dog can’t get to any of the pieces on his head or back.  Yet he sits there waiting patiently for a noodle to hit the floor, not the fur…


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