Mommies for MDA & Driveway Collisions


Here’s a great website:

Yes, I’m well aware that I’ve been sweetly shoving it down everyone’s throats through my Facebook page this week, but I promise I’ll ease up.  I’m participating in a Muscular Dystrophy Association Lock-Up fundraiser and I’m very passionate about the cause.  My older brother had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and lost his life 15 years ago (on May 14th to be exact).  Growing up with a handicapped sibling was completely normal to me, as I didn’t know life in any other way.  My dad did the Lock-Up fundraiser a number of times so I’m happy to be the next generation of jail birds…  The type of MD my brother had typically only affects boys, so each day I see my little boy running, climbing, and developing in what appears to be a perfectly normal manner I am grateful.  Nonetheless, I know how much the Muscular Dystrophy Association does for families so I want to do my best to meet and EXCEED my bail goal!  If you are willing and able, any donation will be graciously accepted between now and June 7th.

Now on to the million dollar question of the day…  Why is it that every time my son falls he hits the exact same spot on his forehead?  Right over his left eyebrow there is always a bruise, a scrape, a lump, or some combination of wounds.  Every single time, it never fails.  We went a good few weeks with an injury-free forehead, but sure enough he and the dog got tangled up when we got home from daycare yesterday.  I saw it happening in slow motion.  I’m thinking “noooooooo, not on the drivewaaaaay!”  But before I could drop my purse and keys and send the dog in another direction, SMACK!  Down he went.  Fortunately he gets his arms down to help break the fall, but it wasn’t enough this time.  He’s a tough cookie and shook it off after a minute or two.  But we sent him to school this morning with a scraped cheek and a new eyebrow bump.  I bet the girls in his class think it’s so hot!  Much like we (girls) as teenagers thought Dylan McKay’s eyebrow scar was to die for.  Apologies for the vintage 90210 reference, but you know it’s true…


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