My List…

Here’s a list of things I was grateful for today.

1. Sunshine and mid-70’s weather.

2.  Taking the day off from work to hang out with my son.  No rushing, no rat race, nothing serious to do other than show up for our morning play date on time.

3.  Restaurants that don’t shun kids.  The one we visited today was beyond accommodating to two moms, two toddlers, one infant, one tantrum, and a floor full of Goldfish crackers.  I left a good tip and our server deserved every cent of it.  I’ll go back again, with or without my kid.

4.  Fwoot.  Also known as “fruit”.  More specifically “pureed fruit in a squeezable pouch.”  My son calls it fwoot, and it saved me today during the aforementioned restaurant tantrum.  Fwoot saves the day quite often.  And if I have to resort to bribing, I feel better doing it with fwoot than with cookies.

5.  Long naps.  Not mine, his. During that 3.5 hour stretch of time I did some yard work, some house work, and actually sat on the deck and read a book with my dog and cat stretched out at my feet.

You must be saying to yourselves, “Wow, what a fabulous day she had!”  Well, just as I was thinking my day off would be all rainbows, ponies, and red velvet cupcakes, reality showed up and clocked me in the noggin.  The perfect end to my perfect day was supposed to be a few hours in the cool, evening breeze listening to music, having a beer, and catching up with good friends.  A 45-minute trip to said destination ended in vomit.  For some odd reason my son decided to heave his graham cracker snack just as we found a parking space.  This wasn’t a “quick, grab a wipe he just spit up” moment.  He heaved.  On himself.  In his car seat.  And then he was fine.  But home we went, my now shirtless toddler in his pukey car seat, and his highly disappointed (but sympathetic) mommy.  Secretly I think it was all part of his evil plan to close out his night watching Elmo, rather than watching mom and dad socialize.  Well, it worked out for him…

Despite that less than desirable ending I’ll have to give my day off with him a solid A.  Now, can anyone offer any advice on how to get honey graham throw-up smell out of car seat straps??


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