Down Time & Finger Food

Something perplexes me every time my husband is out of town.  Normally our week nights are high energy; work all day, daycare pickup, get home, figure out dinner, play, bath, bedtime story, and then WE’LL eat and try to settle down.  Once everything is cleaned up and organized for the next day, that may leave a little time for a dumb TV show, a check of my Words With Friends matches, or if I’m feeling particularly ambitious, folding a load of laundry.  But for some reason, when I’m sans husband I get so much more done and still have more down time in the evenings.  Take tonight for example…  Standard work day, run by daycare, get home, make dinner for junior, play outside, watch a little Mickey Mouse Playhouse, clean up junior, bedtime story, and tuck junior in.  That’s all accomplished by 8 PM — pretty common.  But I guess when I’m here by myself and don’t have another person to converse with, productivity overdrive kicks in.  I then cooked and ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and steam cleaned the family room carpet, all within the next hour.  By 9-ish things are locked up and I’m sitting upstairs typing away.   Why can’t I make this happen on a regular weeknight?  But I guess it’s good to actually talk to your significant other when he or she is around, rather than cleaning rugs and toilets every night…

So that covers the “Down Time” portion of the title…  Now on to “Finger Food.”  Last year at a holiday gift exchange I received a really neat item:  a Babycakes Pie Pop machine (I should probably insert a trademark symbol by the name shouldn’t I?).  I love sweets and the thought of making mini pies in the blink of an eye was beyond exciting to me.  But I’ve found that I use it more for toddler meals than I do for myself!  It’s a GREAT way to wrap up all sorts of good stuff in a little pocket.  You can make the pocket out of a number of different things — store-bought pie crusts, fresh pizza dough rolled thin, or even flour tortillas, which I tried tonight for the first time.  Fill the bottom crust with a mixture of whatever you want, top it with another crust, pull down the lid, and you’ve got 8 mini pies in about 3 minutes.  I’ve made a number of veggie pizza pockets with it, and tonight I used turkey, spinach, and cheese.  The crust seals up and gets crispy, the insides get gooey, and they’re the perfect size for little toddler hands.  And of course you can make fun appetizers and desserts for yourself too.  What a cool little appliance to have in the house!




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