Slap Happy

I know the “terrible twos” will be upon us soon; it’s inevitable right?  But I think we’re starting to get little glimpses at 19 months.  Not unusual, I know, but it can be quite shocking at times!  My little guy is a swatter.  A slapper.  A hand flinger.  That’s how he’s choosing to express his frustration at the moment (before it was a lot of head banging, which still happens from time to time).  If he bumps his head, he smacks whatever he bumped.  If the dog brushes up against him in an undesirable way, the dog gets popped.  Poor dog — he just rolls along with it like a good boy…  If mommy or daddy doesn’t give in to his current request, WE get slapped.  I realize he’s too young to truly understand right from wrong without us telling him, or to truly grasp the concept of consequences, but we’ve had to set boundaries with this slapping stuff.  Last night we put him in time out for the first time.  Surprisingly he sat there like he was told — clearly it’s a sign that he’s familiar with time out at daycare!  But I’m not totally sure he understands why he’s in time out yet.   I guess we’ll stay consistent and see if he gets it in time.  Until then, I’ll have to use my cat-like reflexes to deflect little man’s palms of fury!


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