Giving in to the mess…

At 18 months old my son still uses his fingers to eat most things, but when the spoon and fork make an appearance he often wants to be the one in the driver’s seat.  I’m somewhat of a neat freak by nature, so I’ve had to really dig deep to just let him go and learn how the utensils work.  I’m assuming it’s common that the kiddos turn the spoon upside down before inserting it into their mouths?  Well that’s what mine does any time I don’t help him with the bowl-to-mouth motion.  BUT I’ve discovered a great way to practice self-feeding without as much of a mess…  GREEK YOGURT!  My son loves yogurt and eats it as a snack quite often, and since Greek yogurt is much thicker it doesn’t slide off the spoon as quickly.  So he’s able to practice the art of getting the spoon to his mouth before the goodies fall off.  Give it a try!


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