Does it Ever Make You Wonder?

Isn’t it funny how the exact same stuff you cook for, and is rejected by, your child at home somehow becomes DELICIOUS when it’s served at a restaurant?  Example:  My husband, son, and I went out for a quick impromptu dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Now I’ve said before that my little guy will eat almost anything in the form of a quesadilla, but the meat has to be chopped up pretty finely or those chunks will shoot right out of his mouth.  Rice?  Zero interest when it’s on his plate in our kitchen.  But on that night our son ate big-boy sized pieces of chicken that we pulled OUT of the tortilla, plus bite after bite after bite of Daddy’s rice.  He couldn’t get enough.  But I’ll bet you a box of diapers that if I put chicken and rice on his plate tomorrow he’d look at me like I have two heads…




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