Anybody Out There?

I’m a full-time working mom with a full-time working husband and a toddler son in daycare.   Life is hectic to say the least, but no level of chaos trumps the fact that I love being a mother.  The tantrums, stomach bugs, poopie jammies, bumped heads, and everything else you can imagine are totally balanced out by the giggles, hugs, cuddles, 11-hour stretches of sleep (lucky us!), and daily milestones that never cease to amaze me.  I am far from an expert on parenting, and I’m well aware that there are countless blogs out there from mothers just like me who share awesome tips and tricks.  I read them myself and realized that some of my observations may be different from theirs, so why not throw them out there in cyberspace?  And between you, me, and the wall, it’s just plain fun for me to document some of the crazy things that happen, and maybe learn that other people have experienced the same antics.  Feel free to share your adventures!


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